вторник, 9 января 2018 г.

Calypso in progress 0.8.7

It is important release which prepares Calypso for new TelePharo version and removes the main Nautilus dependency.

Now all Nautilus method icons are done in Calypso way with extra features:
  • override/overridden method icons (up/down arrows).
Up/down buttons open method browser scoped to superclasses or subclasses.
Method context menu "Inheritance" with shortcut cmd+h.
  • icon for methods marked with #flag: message 
In addition new method group "flags" is implemented. 

  • icon for ffi methods 
In addition new method group "ffi calls" is implemented. 

  • test icon for methods covered by tests 

The implementation brings additional feature to run inherited tests when they are visible in the browser.

And you can run tests when abstract test case is selected. In that case tests are executed for all concrete subclasses.
  • extra "expected failures" method group for tests

  • when browser shows class side the title is bold

  • open dependency browser command for packages
  • commit package command uses Iceberg. cmd+s to open Iceberg Sync tool. 
  • decoration button for "seeClassSide" protocol and method. Button switches browser to the class side.

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