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PharmIDE is renamed to TelePharo and moved to github

This time to talk about PharmIDE migration.

In the team we finally agreed on the end name for project. It is now TelePharo.
Prefix "tele" means some action on or by distance. And this is what the project is about: to work remotely with Pharo images.

With new name project was moved to github repository https://github.com/dionisiydk/TelePharo with all dependencies:

According to the new name classes were renamed with the new prefix "Tlp".

TelePharo brings tiny bug fixes and new tools comparing to previous project.

Import remote code changes

Now you are able to import remote code changes (thank's Norbert for the script):
remotePharo applyChangesToClient
Underhood it loads all Epicea events from remote image and applies them into the local image. Then you just need commit the code into source repository.

Remote process browser

The new remote tool is added. You can browse processes which are running on remote image:
remotePharo openProcessBrowser

It is very initial version of ProcessBrowser based on Calypso. It will be improved in future. Now it allows explore and terminate processes on remote Pharo image.

Other improvements

  • Playground/inspector scripts are safe for disconnection from remote side

On remote side script can use remote variables (from remote playground). And now if communication is broken (bad connection) it will use cached values and will not break. It means that you are able to run processes on remote side using playground variables. And these processes will continue work when you disconnect.

  • Command line option "startServerOnPort" is safe when image was saved with running server

In past this option broke startup of image which included running server.
Also at the end of startup TelePharo prints actual server port into console

  • Better remote image save

Now expression "remotePharo saveImage" waits until remote side will be saved and connection will be recovered.

  • Some optimisations on remote communication

That's all. Feel free to fork TelePharo and report bugs. 

P.S. For those who skipped previous project here is the link. Notice that valid instructions are now at TelePharo project page and classes are now renamed

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