четверг, 12 января 2017 г.

Calypso update: MethodBrowser and better UI

I glad release new version of Calypso. It includes method browser which makes Calypso complete toolset for system navigation.

Also new version contains many UI changes:
  • white toolbar (according to theme background color)
  • separators between radio button groups
  • clickable labels instead of buttons

Method browser has many new cool features:
  • Flat and hierarchy view modes. First shows methods as flat list sorted by selectors. And last sorts methods according to class hierarchy 
  • Scopes. You can switch between package, class or system scopes to filter methods. Scopes are inherited from initial tool which opens browser
  • "Child" method browsers are opened in tabs. Click on senders/implementors button do not open new window but instead it shows result in new window tab

To make Calypso default tool evaluate:
ClyBrowser beAllDefault
And little live video:

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